Identity-first cloud security for innovative teams.

Identity is the new cloud security perimeter. We've shifted left and integrated identity and permission management into developer workflows to enable security by default.

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Secure your cloud environment in sync with developer workflows.

Improve your organisation's cloud security posture and streamline security operations across the entire software development lifecycle.

Least Privilege IAM

Analyse IAM policies and automatically enforce least-privilege across your cloud environment.

DevSecOps Workflows

Apply least-privilege recommendations to cloud resources defined within your infrastructure-as-code.

Prevent Security Risk

Integrate cloud security directly into development workflows and eradicate security risk at the source.

Enable Best Practice

Identify and remediate security risk across all clouds, users, roles and services through a single pane of glass.

Continuous Compliance

Track and manage security posture against industry standards and export security reports ready for audit.

DevOps Integrations

Integrate with your favourite tools and empower developers to own security and manage risk as they write code.

Eliminate the friction between developers, security and compliance, starting from the bottom up.


Developers spend hours configuring infrastructure and IAM policies, which slows down the DevOps process.

We've shifted security as far left as possible and into the IDE which enables DevOps teams to build zero trust IAM roles from scratch and generate least-privilege policies as they write code.

Security Teams

When it comes to managing identity risk in the cloud, security teams are often asking themselves the question: who has access to what, and why?

We enable security teams to easily manage access to privileged and non-privileged cloud assets via seamless workflows, plus provide visibility over security risks across the cloud environment via a single pane of glass.

Compliance Teams

Managing audit trails, access logs and access requests is a significant task in itself, let alone layering this information over the relevant audit and compliance standards.


For Developers

Without Common Fate

Hours configuring and managing least privilege policies.
Configuring least-privileged IAM policies is difficult and requires input from AppSec and CloudSec.
Slow down of development velocity and momentum.
Minimal accountability for working securely.

With Common Fate

With Common Fate
Enable development teams to 'shift left' with ease.
Least privilege IAM policies are automatically configured as developers write code.
Developers code and configure securely by default and in the earliest stage of development.
Developers empowered to work securely and at high velocity.

For Security

Without Common Fate

Manually managing least privilege across multi-cloud and multi-account environments.
Managing user access requests to cloud resources.
Visibility over who has access to what and why in real time.
Working in sync with the speed of development teams.

With Common Fate

With Common Fate
Security risks and misconfigurations are prioritised and remediated in one-click.
Automation of security policy workflows and enforcement.
Keep up with high velocity development cycles and share security responsibility with developers.
Easily scale security capability across your company.

For Compliance

Without Common Fate

Huge time sink to review cloud logs and audit trails.
Spend hours collating audit reports, compliance reports and incident reports.
Spend hours tracking cloud environment against various compliance standards.

With Common Fate

With Common Fate
Automated compliance reporting saving hundreds of hours worth of time.
Record and maintain a timescale of vulnerabilities and access risks to satisfy audit requirements.
Track a compliance against widely used industry standards in real time.