A cloud security platform optimised for developers.

Common Fate Cloud works by leveraging automation of least privilege, access controls and permission management workflows across multi-account and multi-cloud environments.

IAM simplified and secure.

Detect IAM issues and automatically remediate IAM risk with perfectly fitted least privilege policies.

Remediate IAM risks with a single click.
Enable 'policy-as-code' workflows for developers.
Shift left and enable secure dev practices by default.

Protect privileged assets & data.

Lockdown and secure access controls over privileged assets, accounts and sensitive data.

Automated privileged access controls.
Integrated and secure workflows for access requests.
Safely provision, monitor and audit user access.

Complete visibility across the cloud.

View and map all roles, users and resources in one place, and always know who has access to what.

Visualise access levels across your cloud environment.
Track and manage the relation between roles and cloud resources.
Easily identity vulnerabilities and potential attack paths.

Satisfy compliance and audit requirements.

Measure and track your organisation's cloud security posture against industry and security standards.

Export audit reports ready for complaince audits.
Maintain compliance with key industry and security standards.
Track compliance with standards in real time and move beyond 'ticking the box'.


Embed Common Fate's cloud security features directly into your existing workflows, via your preferred cloud provider and your favourite DevOps tools.